[] Co-Op Creative First Impressions (bugs, idiosyncrasies and design questions)


A dapper dragon
Sep 9, 2017
Tír na nÓg
After about an hour of testing Co-Op Creative, mostly with a friend there are a few things I've noticed which could be a bug, or perhaps oversights in design? Of course, I never wish to complain about something if it is a design choice, but I would like to know whether some things that seemed strange is definitely desired or point them out if not.
  • (Bug?) Trading station conveyor belt building cell hitboxes show upon mouse-over. (This is also the case with the resource receivers on them when placing a resource, but this is normal campaign behaviour.)
  • (Design choice?) Tech decoration/reskinning is available immediately unlike single-player campaign, where it is only available after the mission 'Turret Defense.'
  • (Bug) When trying to load techs from the Steam Workshop, a fully functioning toast message declares that 'Twitter is required to use that feature.'
  • (Bug/ design choice) 'Capture Enemy Base' missions ignore your licenses and grades when choosing a base tech, resulting in overpowered bases. We got this base twice which clearly has overpowered blocks, considering at that stage we had no refineries or fabricators. I didn't catch a screenshot, but another base had three GeoCorp Batteries and 16 GSO Remote Chargers. The Remote Chargers alone cost BB128,000, approximately 26 times the cost of my tech at the time.
  • (Bug/ design choice ) When offering you blocks you have discovered, but do not have the correct licenses and grades to purchase, Trading Stations will ignore this and sell them to you anyway. This behaviour is different to single-player campaign. As you can see, it is possible to buy a GeoCorp Remote Charger despite the fact I only have GeoCorp Grade 1.

As this was mainly a bug thread, I'll keep my praise short and sweet. :D I think the handling of missions and licenses as well as money works quite well. I think the early game balance is reasonably unaffected and is true to the single-player campaign, and I thought that balance worked quite well, alhough I would perhaps say that the free blocks you start with might be a bit generous when the first enemy tech you're against is only Double Drill Nose :p. All in all I was very impressed and had a lot of fun. This is definitely an update in the right direction!