[1.14.19] Component Factories lose recipe in progress

Saelem Black

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Aug 25, 2018
Stable 1.14.19

Component factories seem to lose the recipe they are working on, when crafting in a chain.

For example, using the base in the attached snapshot, when crafting a GeoCorp battery, the component factories bug out and fail most of the time to create the requested advanced components, instead just eating the chunks.

Editing to add, as I continue to work with it, it seems the advanced component crafter is trying to request resources from the silos that it already has.

Factory Bug.png
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Geocorp Jumper

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May 24, 2016
Yeah, this is a common issue with fabrication bases. There’s a very limited template for how a “functional” fabrication base can be built, and it is annoyingly easy to make seemingly efficient builds that don’t work at all. I suggest looking on the crafting guide in the community forum, or looking at some of the bases published on the Steam workshop, at least until the devs get around to fixing the crafting system.


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Jun 14, 2017
Placement order of CFs matter, just like collectors. If I remember correctly, the first CF placed on the conveyor should be the one meant to produce the lowest tier of resources. Take the CFs off this tech and replace them, with the tier 0 CF (no dongle) put back on first, then the tier 1 (Geordie LaForge dongle) CF next. You should probably also add a conveyor in the empty spot by the small silo so the conveyors make a complete loop. Also add a refiner somewhere in the loop--maybe. That used to matter for crafting techs a while back. For clarity, the loop should be something like the snapshot attached to this post.

The tendency of CFs and fabs to eat resources is.... idk. Annoying for sure.

Component factories really need checkboxes so you can limit them to specific tiers of components they are allowed to craft. That would help both fps and their tendency to request duplicate resources. Crafting in general needs an overhaul that I fear we're never going to see since it's a QoL change that wouldn't really add anything new to the game. We've been requesting this for years.