[1.02] Cannot block paint on certain blocks.


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Jul 13, 2018
[1.02][Windows 10] - Block Painting in R&D buggy when taking controls of a previously enemy tech. (Due to rarity of occurance, I highly doubt this should be a high-priority bug)

I let the game sit for a few hours when I fell asleep, and when I went into R&D, the game started producing minor graphical errors (I wasn't overclocking). When I used the [T] Key to take control of an enemy tech (the first explosive bolt turret in the row) and detached all the wheeled techs from it with [X] and tried to block paint, the game occasionally wouldn't let me place a perfectly normal block on random parts of the tech.

This appears to be isolated to R&D so far.

A reproduction of the bug would be to sit in a campaign world, save the game, and when you quit to menu, allow the game to sit at "Are you sure you want to exit" for 6 or so hours.

The difficulty and elaborate-ness to reproduce the bug (and the possibility that my GPU and CPU threads became destabilized over time, likely causing this) means that it's probably not very likely to happen, and thus, I wouldn't prioritize this bug over more important things.

Also, I only have one screenshot. I didn't think to save the game, sorry.

Edit: I forgot - Music also sounded rather distorted in game after a while, and the transition between general game music and fight music wasn't coherent, and both tracks could be heard over each other for some time.


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Mar 7, 2018
Thanks for reporting this issue to us.

We've had instances of this in the past, but we've never successfully been able to reproduce it reliably enough on our development builds to be able to see whats going wrong each time.

I'll add this new info to our database, hopefully it'll help us find the issue.

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