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Discussion in 'Open' started by GamerParrish, Jul 28, 2018.

  1. GamerParrish

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    So of course, I know that the devs know what they're doing. I just wanted to ask this.

    If your thinking about adding campaign multiplayer, shouldn't you do that before 1.0? That's a major change that should probably be added before the game is "finished"

    It just feels glass half empty having a fighting multiplayer, but a singleplayer campaign. In my opinion I feel as if it should be added before the game is fully ready for launch. Seeing as this seems to be a core feature when and if it is added. Due to the fact that the game should have all its core features done before the game is released.

    I've been here since the first couple of months the game was up to the public. I just haven't seen you guys ever go three quarters of the way and then just release the update. You always have made sure its completely set up. I just feel like your rushing the idea because you feel you've been here for too long and you want to be free.

    In a nutshell I feel as if the game should have all its major core components added before the game is out of early access and into a real game.

    Now before the triggered army comes by with their whiney 9 year old squeakers slamming their keyboard against the wall saying "Whatever pissedparrish, the devs can release their update any day of the friggin week without your lousy opinion invading their privacy like a lockbox being smashed with a crowbar." Notice this is an opinion, and I want feedback on this.

    Any CONSTRUCTIVE-criticism on my idea is welcome. 9 year old chat riots are not.
  2. ZeroGravitas

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    Multiplayer campaign is, of course, the most requested feature, so I'm 100% certain the devs would have loved to have added it for 1.0 release.

    However, it's technically very hard. (I personally would say it is probably impossible, without imposing significant scale limits, compared to the current campaign mode.)

    The devs are pushing for 1.0 release now because they need to, to secure the funds to continue development. They just don't have time to do as you suggest. Patience is a luxury.

    But yeah, they have said that 1.0 release doesn't foreclose on any of the ongoing dev work on this game; it'll be (back to) updates as usual, hopefully. (I don't know whether or not you've seen all this for yourself in the other threads...)
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  3. Khaine

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  4. Captain Load

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    If the game launches in a state similar to its current one, its effectively DOA. I'm not exaggerating in the slightest because history bears out the truth of what I'm saying. Look at all the sandboxes that have launched with major components missing. Their all laying on the giant garbage pile of gaming now, the studios responsible now dissolved or having abandoned these projects. Sure, the devs usually make off with enough money to get by until they can find new work or come up with another project to sucker in the early access crack monkeys. That's the only future I see for Terratech as things stand currently, and that's a rotten shame.
  5. DrShadox

    DrShadox GeoCorp worker

    Since devs said 1.0 will be like pretty much like 0.8 (with minor change/fixe) , don't expect coop multiplayer for 1.0.

    I'm sure at 99% multi will come a day , but not in 1.0 , for now they want to polish what they have done for console release (so 1.0).

    Also don't worry , 1.0 will not be "final" version.
  6. Khaine

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    No man's sky did it, so now you can't say multiplayer will never happen after 1.0 is released. It's a surprisingly effective selling point for people to jump on the TT train at a much later date (when\if proper multiplayer gets implemented). Will a gimped multiplayer 1.0 release poison the well? Well, one could argue 0.8 already did that. I fully expected a minecraft survival multiplayer experience when I bought TT. But it was 0.8 and unfinished, so some slack was cut. A 1.0 release does not allow for slack cutting.

    TT is entertaining by itself, but it lacks staying power. Without competition it gets pointless fast.
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  7. Zed

    Zed Well-Known Member

    Agreed; seems to have been this way since the lengthy sabbatical / hiatus between 0792 - 0793

    The key to early Access is to see whats possible and check back every 6 months or so for significant improvements / changes. After a 1.0 playthrough "speedrun" it might be 2020 before checking again for innovative updates realistically. in the interim, the RSS feed will suffice.

    Alas, by the time a "final" version of TerraTech is released Games like Satisfactory will be available for EA along with current competitors such as LightSpeed Frontier.

    Marketing tactics aside; Summer of 2018 presently has 51 remaining days as of this post. 0821 released with mostly bugfixes and additional localization efforts to make way for 1.0 release which is apt and prudent at this juncture of development.

    TL : DR

    While I agree with some of the sentiments above; it seems worthwhile to point out that "All good things come to an end" and also that "Familiarity breeds Contempt" Ultimately, the choice to release 1.0 now during 2018 as opposed to dragging out full release for yet another 12 - 18 months makes sense for a young indie gaming studio during its first project. After all, Consumers must be left with "wanting something more" otherwise all interest in the project will fade away.

    All we as a community can do is hope for a large expansion add-on including the features many of us continue to desire. Better Future, Reticule Research, Full Multiplayer Co-op , Improvements to the in-game Music, Etc Will in all likelihood release; merely far later than any of us would prefer.
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  8. Matt


    Hey guys and gals,

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to jump in and clarify a few points.

    Firstly, we have every intention of continuing to update the game post 1.0. As it stands, there are a tonne of features that we'd like to see added, but due to time constraints and resource allocation in prep for launch we're just simply not able to focus on them at the moment.

    By it's nature TerraTech is a community driven game. You guys post the most awesome content have have genuinely helped sculpt the game into what it is now with your suggestions and feedback. So just because the game is officially launching doesn't mean we're going to turn off that tap.

    Some may ask 'then why release now if you don't think the game is finished?' The honest answer is we can't be in early access forever. There has to come a point where we bite the bullet and that time is now.

    I hope that helps clear some things up.

    Hola at me if you need further clarification.


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