[1.0] Help with the Snapshot loading bug

Sep 16, 2018
Hey Payload,

So I did a little investigation into your snapshot loading error that is on the PS4 to help a little bit on the troubleshooting.

What I've noticed is when snapshots are saved that it creates two save files. Like if I snapshot "Amazing Tech" that it creates two copies of "Amazing Tech".

I've also noticed that when I do a fresh session after the console has been shut off for a long time that all the snapshots load. So is there a cache in the game or console that stores information? Similar to websites where it saves a state and then reloads from that cache first if there is data, which clears/reloads after X amount of minutes? So now it's been about 5 minutes and it just loaded only 3 snapshots. The three I just made. So I am thinking that somehow it is just loading from the cached data at some point and not from the physical drive.

Also when saving snapshots sometimes it saves it as "Factor 1" or "Factor 1 {date stamp here}" which may give you another clue where it is. I am assuming that when the list populates that there is maybe one of two methods are being called: One that loads everything the right way and the other which is the problematic one that is just loading from this cache location.

Either way, I hope this helps :D. Good luck and I am sure you are all having fun debugging.
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