[1.0.1] Rotating anchor wild physics glitch and inconsitency


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Jun 29, 2017
When you remove an anchor to go from 2 to just one rotating anchor, that anchor is very prone to go utterly bananas if there's an extremal force acting on the tech. I've only tested this with that force being applied by suspended resource chunks pressing on the same tech when they'd like to be inside where a block has been placed).

The resultant motion is massively in excess of the applied force, with bigger techs amplifying the effect and bucking so hard they'll break themselves against the ground.

(Note - I'm not giving these any keyboard input to rotate, at all.)

Picking up the tech to build beam and placing it back down again disables the craziness (even if back just on the same one rotating anchor).

The glitched anchor retains it's jaunty stem angle, though. (Which it probably should never do.) Until you remove and reattach it.

I'm thinking that the underlying issue here will be responsible for many players see their turrets leaning at slightly drunk angles, when returning to an area.

It might well be the cause of mysterious tech movement and damage/destruction when leaving and returning, reloading them back into world. e.g. (Not the initial report topic - note base was also located at a world tile seam): https://steamcommunity.com/app/285920/discussions/1/1736594593594528131/#c1736594593607621001

Incidentally: I noticed that fixed anchored tech still move wheels and rotors in response to keyboard or AI inputs, as if they were free or on just one rotating anchor. Not sure if this was always so or is desired.I guess it'll let you rev up the engines ready to release the anchor and shoot off quickly...



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Feb 20, 2016
This has been a glitch for a few versions but I haven't decided to tell someone. If you are already attached to the ground via an anchor, attach another anchor making sure its connected to the ground, and then removing the 2nd anchor the 1st anchor goes crazy.
Video proof:
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Mar 7, 2018
Heya, I can't reproduce this on a new tech similar to the one in your provided video (the original bug you posted is still reproducible though ZG), can you attach a save game or a snapshot please?