[] New Venture enemy techs are very rare

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    I spent a few hours searching for evidence of the recently added batch of new Venture (only) techs, in 3 different saves, at Ven level 2 and 3 (GSO level 4, 5 and max). I nearly gave up. Eventually I found a couple in the level 3 Venture "Punks" mission - 2 of the new recently submitted Venture (only) techs out of about 20 total over 10 or so repetitions (and one little randomly spawned, coincidentally - far right).


    Incidentally, these mission techs had quite a step up in capability, compared to everything else I'd seen in that playthrough so far. But there are only 2 of them to defeat, and I had just hit Ven level 3, with *all* blocks unlocked (despite being GSO level 4).

    Save attached for others to look for their own submissions, or whatever. (Take mission from trade station.)

    A lot of the difficulty was in only getting Venture race/stunt/fly/gingerbread/crate missions, or none at all. The only other promising Venture mission I got was "Blitz attack", which gave me an even distribution of other corp techs, no thoroughbreds.


    Save also attached, just in case. (Move to distressed tech to start.)

    I'm guessing that all this is nothing to worry about, at this stage. @zanzistar - are there any other missions to look out for that might showcase these new techs?


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