[] Sudden decrease in draw distance at dawn (reproducable)


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Jun 29, 2017
Attached save is 10 seconds out from this glitch - it's dawn, solar panels have just deployed, then the draw distance suddenly jumps to be much less (before slowly expanding back out, as it should do in the morning):

This glitch happened while I was filming for my latest episode. (I was prevented from transfer tech to my base, just before it happened, even though it was still visible at that point.) And again when I reloaded to redo that section. So I thought it would be worth giving you devs a save where you can easily reproduce it too.

I'll work if you load from a clean game start, or if you re-load from a worlds that's in day time (or night time, I think), but not if the draw distance is transitioning. As per the night-time-draw-distance-during-the-day glitch, the transitioning state transfers between world loads, etc.

Pretty bad for game immersion. (And more ugly in conjunction with the no-distance haze glitch.)


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