[][Feedback] Sound FX 'optimisations' sound very broken (fans cut out, etc)

Discussion in 'TT Unstable Bugs' started by ZeroGravitas, Sep 26, 2018.

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    Following on from this thread, noting that fan noises don't always resume after being suppressed by other noises...

    I'd like to point at that, in general, this performance optimization, of reducing the number of concurrent sound effects, often causes the sound effects to seem very broken, even when "working as intended".

    !Turn on your sound for this video!

    Examples shown:

    (1) Solar panel retracting in the background interrupts 4 noisy auto-miners in the foreground.
    (2) Ambient engine noises of the starter techs in Creative mode interrupt the louder GSO fan noise from a small plane (but not the engine noise when on ground).
    (3) Same thing with the starter aeroplane flying past the other 3 starter techs.

    Assuming there's no super-smart way to have the cake and eat it, here. I'd guess there could be further refinements to the FX suppression system, to prioritise the more audible sounds.

    E.g. Own-tech sounds, those that are intrinsically louder, closer to the player's POV and produced by more numerous number of blocks, etc. Maybe some smoothing via fading out/in when transitioning between continuous sounds (not e.g. gun shots/explosions, which would get immediate priority)...


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