[] Anchored suspended (stems not deployed, locked in position)

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    I've seen this a couple of times now (but no video, sorry). Once in R&D, with the new explosive bolts turret tech, and tonight with my own crafting tech, pictured:

    2018-08-31 Anchored, suspended.jpg

    The tech is locked in place, as if anchored. But no anchor stems are shown extended. In this instance the build beam was also stuck on (hence being able to view from below, while held blocks and resources are still able clipped through each other). Clicking the anchor button did nothing (icon did not change state). Couldn't exit build beam.

    I saved the game in this start (attached) but reloading from it fixes the issue (tech just falls over, as if unanchored). So it's not useful to look at.

    I thought it might be related to debris blocking anchoring (maybe block debris in R&D, and resource chunks here), but trying every combination I could think of did not reproduce the issue...

    Might be related to the recent code changes aimed at fixing this bug.


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