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Dec 23, 2016
After having streamed a complete playthrough of All in all it is an improvement over / in terms of stability however remains more prone to crash than

Typical bugs:

Sgt Smash "Kill X Tech missions" overlapping with other enemy tech related quests (Old 0.7.6 tech hunter missions similar to the GC harvester missions worked far better)

AoE weapon fire impacting Mountain / hilly grassland sub-biome terrain. (false bottom of terrain / terrain generation issue I suspect)

Defending Tech Quest related Crashes: (Timing / spawning of the enemy techs in groups / waves; other mission types similar to this might also crash but are less likely to; perhaps add a 20ms delay between the spawning of specific techs within any single "wave' )

Capture enemy base missions tend to crash if the player destroys the base itself ("oops" clause")
Less Common bugs encountered:

Nearby allied tech set to guard causes a crash while player is doing other tasks when the allied guarding tech engages enemy
GSO trading station related crashes, including one where not closing the available mission window and just driving off (normally auto-closing the window) will cause a crash.

For reference the 13hr55min playthrough which includes a visual log of the crashes is available @ https://www.twitch.tv/videos/262075501

The attached .zip contains the last 9 crashes's output logs along with the user profile / savegame. While there were others earlier I had not come up with a quick naming convention until later. (suggest one uses the last crash near the end of the stream as a time reference and work their way back through the logs based on their creation times.)

Additionally, as best as I could tell neither Suzie nor Pete "Flew away" but rather instavanished... However, on the bright side the fireworks launcher seemed to perform flawlessly.


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