[0.8.2] SCU activation cycle does not reset when unanchored

Discussion in 'Bugs (Stable Only)' started by Zorgomol, Jun 30, 2018.

  1. Zorgomol

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    Not sure if bug or intentional, but at least this one is easy to repro.

    1) Make a minimal tech with just cab and GC SCU (wheels optional)
    2) Sprinkle some random blocks around on the ground.
    3) Anchor the SCU tech, de-anchor immediately.
    4) Count (nonstop) to 10.
    4) Re-anchor.
    5) Observe the activation time.

    As long as you re-anchor before the countdown finishes, it will be as if you were anchored for the whole time.
    With HE SCU, count to 7 instead and with GSO SCU, to 5 or 6.
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  2. kae


    Thanks for the report Zorgomol, got this logged up now.

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