[0.8.2] Leaning anchors glitch

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    So the anchor has become tipped over. I have seen this happen in other people's videos, too, after returning to areas with rotating anchored techs.

    To be clear, was the rotating anchor totally stable to begin with? There's another bug that looks like this - if you reorient the primary cab during building the tech, so it point up or down, relative to the initial build oriention, then the anchor with try to rotate in the wrong plane, and flop over like this straight away.

    I've added "{leaning}" and "[0.8.2]" to this thread's title. I'm assuming you hadn't switched to the "Unstable" branch?
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    read this thread, returned to the game and saw this.

    Version T1533834382 8b9be1dd 20180812210108_1.jpg
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  4. it usually happened when i ran into it while in build mode

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    While *you* were in build beam, in another tech (which hit the turret)?

    I decided to totally rewrite the thread title, for clarity. Previously "[0.8.2] the rotating ancors glitch {leaning}".
  6. when i was in a tech and i went in build mode an rammed into a pillar it made the glitch happen more often

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