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    Im bad at words, anyways i was just playing around with my drone, flying about and bombarding fools from the skies, when i was done with that and were in the process of removing the guns while airborne i selected the gun, removed it and when i let go it was still selected so i put it back on the drone and then the block it was attached to moved to the location the mortar was supposed to be, and the mortar fell through the world.

    pics broke, look in attachments

    How to recreate:
    -have a drone! (or use the snapshot down below)
    -select the upper of two blocks (i use the ones in the front center of my drone)
    -apply flight
    -move the block and let go
    -release flight
    -place the block anywhere and the block you attach it to will move to where that block would have been attached

    Attempting to make any changes to the tech after causes a crash but it is possible to load a different or the same tech in R&D mode to undo it.

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  2. Mendoza231

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    After some more testing i have come to the conclusion that this bug can happen on any tech, you dont even need to have flight capabilities, simply follow the steps and watch the tech break.
  3. kae


    Hey there, I can't seem to reproduce this issue on our internal builds, is it possible to upload a video of this issue so we can take a look please?

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    Hey! sorry its been a while, been busy so on and so on, below is a video of the bug following the steps as listed above, the thing i found is that it doesnt work with shift, ive rebound flight button to control as its easier for me to use, thats where the problem is.

  5. Galrex

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    Definitely not new. Other players might have discovered this bug before in previous builds but didn't really reported it in a separate thread. But at least you have reported it :)

    Edited: It still seems to work when connected with an exploding bolt (might still work now?). Reporting on behalf of @GKJ
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