[0.8.2] Filters become semi-detached and drop chunks on base spawn

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    Sometimes (about one in five) times on loading/respawning due to distance, some filters on a tech can become "semi-detached" so that they don't pass their contents to the next conveyor piece. In such state they don't show their input/output arrows at all, as seen in the image. Bugged filter circled with red.

    I'm have observed the same happening occasionally with Alternator Conveyors, which is what I was trying to repro here, but filters decided to bug out first. The "easy" fix for this is to reattach the filters. How easy this is depends on the design of your tech.

    This has been reported before, I think, but here is an easy repro case. Another thing to note is that they also drop their contents (if any) at such situation.

    Attached snapshot and a save too. The save has filters already in bug state. Easy repro is to reattach the filters in the save, grab the plane, fly about 600m to any distance and do a few such flyovers until resources start piling up in silos, which is easy to see from air too.

    I tested a number of different designs and this seems to be the only one reproducing the bug reliably. Ironically it is the first. This is probably related to, if not the same, bug that sometimes scrambles conveyor ordering.

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    Report here (and quote from my guide):
    But here you're showing that this can happen between Filters and Alternators, which don't require anchoring to function. Also that it's happened with just one Filter and not the others... So a different bug, yeah... :)

    But just in case: what happens if you save this test tech (when fully functional) as an unanchored snapshot? Does it spawn in this bugged state (reliably) or anything different?

    Hmm, interesting... :)But you're not seeing any actual Conveyor scrambling too, in the same instances? We didn't establish what was causing that.

    I imagined it happening within a single build session, without leaving and returning/reloading. I was more suspicious of Undo. Maybe Undo and reload trigger the same crafting connectivity reanalysis (that is failing)...

    That Fibron on the bugged Filter - it wasn't there (with tech on pause) when it re-loaded, was it?

    It's also worth noting that the misplacement of crafting connectivity arrows is a known bug, that can cause the arrows to be hidden inside blocks, in certain orientations (as well as just being sideways on sideways blocks). That's not what's happening here. (But it might be clearer if the test rig didn't have sideways arrows.)
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    Indeed, it is worth noting that the afflicted Filter does not have an arrow at all, while the unafflicted do have those small red dots that are all that is visible of those arrows. And no, I have not encountered any conveyor scrambling that I can recall, but also hardly ever use conveyor setups that would be prone to that.

    However, this bug is very specific to the configuration in the picture - that is, Alternator to Filter with 90 degree twist. (180 degree twist is fine.) Or perhaps it isn't specific, but it is most readily reproduced with that particular case - one in three instead of one in a thousand. It does not seem to happen when the tech is paused, which means there's a momentary transition phase where the tech is not saved (or spawned) correctly. Also curiously, the resource held by the bugged Filter does not fall to the ground when the block is detached, instead it will continue onto the downstream conveyor. Very odd...

    The test rig also manifests another bug: the sideways installed Alternator Conveyors on it (feeding onto the loopback path) drop their chunk when the tech is spawned. Initial spawns from unanchored snapshot seem to be fully functional, at least based on quick visual check on the conveyor arrows.

    Here's another, smaller test rig. This one seems to make Alternators nonfunctional, as well; at least those attached to nonfunctional Filters are not holding a chunk.
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    Eh? I don't understand. How can they be holding a chunk when you spawn them in? Or even when you reload a tech by returning to it - if you're not using pause.
  5. Zorgomol

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    Sorry, that was confusing wording. I meant when the base comes to existence when you return to the area, or when you load the save.

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