[0.8.2] Filter outputs don't connect to adjacent crafting block inputs


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Jun 29, 2017
Filters will refuse to pass their contents out to the input of adjacent Anchored Delivery Canons, Anchored Refineries, Component Factories, Fabricators or Furnace Generators if the two blocks were connected while the tech was unanchored.

Bonus - delivery canons that shut up shop with resources inside now have them fall to the ground before vanishing.

Or, no connectivity glitch also happens if the tech they are part of is loaded from a snapshot of a tech that was unanchored (and so doesn't immediately anchor as it's spawned).

This might sound fairly niche and is only going to happen to mobile techs with selling or crafting setups, but I've seen a few new players flummoxed by it, old players comment on it, and it affect me in 0.7.9 during Episode 2 of my crafting playthrough after loading my "GSV Mishophist" at 14m27s:

I had to remove and re-add the Furnace (at 14:58) and Refinery to get them to accept input from their respective Filters. One can also remove/re-add the Filters themselves to fix their crafting connectivity, of course.

This affects both GSO and Venture Filters, but not Alternator Conveyors, as far as I have seen.

Note: that you can't always go solely off the appearance of the red and green connection arrows, as they don't render in the correct places, so can be hidden when certain blocks are connected in certain orientations.

I've attached a test tech snapshot of an unanchored tech with an array of Filters connected to various other crafting block inputs.


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May 29, 2018
I think I encountered this bug recently. Flummoxed was indeed how I felt, because everything seemed to work perfectly and then.. it didn't. But there were other logistical issues with the design, so I ended up throwing it all out. Still annoying though.
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