[] GSO conveyors can't be switch (sometime)* [Resolved]

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  2. AstraTheDragon

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    The reason those conveyors aren't affected is because they aren't part of the conveyor chain you're mousing over. They instead merely end at that conveyor chain. The GSO Down Conveyor at the end is connected to your conveyor chain hence why it does switch.

    EDIT :They wouldn't switch when you moused over them directly because they are not part of any conveyor chain and are therefore not directional.
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    What I'm seeing there is how it should work - you can't change the direction of individual conveyor blocks... Yeah, what @AstraTheDragon just said:
    I'll mark the thread as "[Resolved]" for now.
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  4. DrShadox

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    Hum ok thanks you both.
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