[] Turning techs into enemies in R&D crashes the game.


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Sep 9, 2017
Tír na nÓg
I noticed that sometimes, in the RnD Test Chamber, making individual control blocks enemies often crashes the game. This seems fairly inconsistent but definitely common enough to warrant a bug fix. I have never encountered this if the tech you're turning into an enemy is composed of two or more blocks or is anchored (unless it's an anchored AI Module)

How to recreate:
  1. Enter the RnD Test Chamber
  2. Spawn any control block
  3. Turn it into an enemy by holding 't' and clicking
  4. Notice the game crashing
(If it didn't work the first time you got lucky. Try again.)

I doubt this is possible in other gamemodes due to the lack of the ability to make techs enemies, but who knows what the dev console can do?

I have also appended my output_log.txt from one event of this happening.


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