[] TerraTech picks up keyboard/mouse input while tabbed out

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  1. Lost Ninja

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    Perhaps the same bug, perhaps a different one. But if you tab out as the game is loading as I normally do, if you start typing (a new post or a letter etc) even though the game is not focused it appear to pick up key-presses. I have had it start an existing campaign (resume most recent save) even though the window wasn't focused and was minimised off screen entirely. Scrolling in windows, sometimes effects zoom levels in game.
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    That's definitely a different bug. If you can drop that in its own bug post (with some more info if you have any) I'll make sure it gets added to our system if it's not already there.
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    Once again, ladies and gentleprospectors, I'm not sure if this is what @Lost Ninja is referring to but I've noticed that in the Windows Win+Tab windows overview, TerraTech seems to still read mouse movements (so long as it wasn't in fullscreen.) If you imagine that TerraTech's window was still focused and move your mouse to hover over where a block would be, it shows you that blocks hitbox as if you were mousing over it while focused.
    I was, however, unable to actuate any key presses e.g. pressing I when promped to did not open info, scrolling did not zoom in, WASD did not move tech.

    • Boot up TT
    • Ensure TT is not in fulscreen mode.
    • Press Win+Tab on a Windows PC.
    • Hover your mouse pointer over a spot where a game object would appear if the window was still focused.
    • Notice the changes on the smaller preview window of TerraTech
    Weirdnessses include:
    • Seeing block/chunk hitboxes when 'moused over.'
    I have not noticed any effects from 'keep game running in background' being disabled except that everything is frosted over and fuzzy.
    I have not noticed any popups from 'mousing over' rocks/trees/crystals.

    Also, sorry @QuackDuck for hijacking your thread and sorry @Sdarks if this should have a thread of its own... (Or if its already been reported... :confused:)
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    I think we're getting a little off topic here. The issues you seem to be having with TerraTech still reading input while out of focus (e.g tabbed out or in the Win+Tab thing) I don't think are related to this, so probably belong in their own thread.
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    I moved the above 4 comments into their own bug thread, as @Sdarks desired. I hope the title is correct and fitting (since I've not experienced this issue yet)?

    Originally posted in this thread, below this comment.
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  7. Lost Ninja

    Lost Ninja Well-Known Member

    For the record I don't alt+tab much as I have a 2nd monitor and just click outside my windows TT instance. (Windowed fullscreen would be nice though... ;))
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  8. kae


    Hey guys, are you able to reproduce the keyboard inputs registering on TerraTech while the game is tabbed out on the latest build?

    I have TerraTech running here windowed on a duel monitor setup, but I can't reproduce the game registering any inputs while it is unfocused.

    Do you recall anything else you might have open/or anything else that could cause this issue?

    Hovering the mouse over the game window while unfocused will however show block hitbox highlights as AstraTheDragon has mentioned, however I'm not sure if this is a thing that is unique to TerraTech and can be labelled a bug.

    Does this issue happen in other games played in windowed mode?

    I know this happens with some other applications, like steam.
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    Yeah I'm getting mouse hovering feedback when Win + Tabbed out on some other games too so I guess its standard Windows behaviour. It's hard to know with these things so thanks for the extra viewpoint @kae. However, I don't think I've noticed Lost Ninja's issue. I have noticed that often when TerraTech is booting up if its window is not focused on, it will load whatever save game would be loaded by pressing this button: Continue save button.png although I assume that issue is common knowledge as I've heard it discussed on the Discord group often. I'm not sure if he's getting that? I haven't encountered TT registering scrolling without focusing on the window.
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  10. kae


    Thanks for the confirmation!

    There is another bug that we've logged where the game loads the main menu before it has finished loading, meaning if you hold or press space at the right time, the game will load into the game save held by the continue button. But I don't believe we've ever seen that issue while being tabbed out as well.

    I'll give it a few more tests on this side to see what I can see.

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