[] New inventory block duplication glitch

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    Edit: the exact conditions for this are:
    • Hold [Shift] while controlling a tech on which a fan or booster can activate. Or...
    • Hold [Space] with weapons that can fire...
    • Then move cursor (with a block selected) off inventory UI element (or the mission banner, top right).

    So it's clearly related to this bug that causes blocks to be dropped from your grip, too.

    Figured this out after another Lathland viewer pointed out that he accidentally duped some SCUS at 14:31, too.

    End Edit.

    It seems that the old dupliation glitch isn't entirely dead. It's still possible for this inventory UI interaction problem to spawn free blocks when moving fast, as your mouse pointer moves over the edge of the UI with a block selected, to 'paint'.

    Lathrix discovered this one in his first episode playing this new patch:


    He demonstrates at 19m02s:

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    I must use this bug for that, because cheesing achievements still means I get the achievement!!!

    Also yay bug fixes! Maybe the devs can fix the (kinda sorta maybe a) bug which is where you can't change camera zoom when going a certain speeds. Or it's on my end...
  3. ZeroGravitas

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    Yeah, I keep getting the damned things by mistake, while testing stuff, so I can't show them popping up in my videos...

    I'm not cognizant of this one (from that description)... If you've had a quick search through the bugs and this section, and can't find anything like what you're seeing (in general), then by all means make a new thread. 1 bug per thread, if possible.:)
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    when you have a part that uses the boost key, and you hold the boost key, when opening inventory and clicking a block from the outside it duplicates that block. see this video by Lathland
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    I've just merged @Epb7304's new thread with this one on the same bug. Which was patched in
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    Ok, thank you.
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