[0.8.1] Resources dither entering Silos (with Pacemaker on Turbo)

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  1. ZeroGravitas

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    A fun little, new crafting idiosyncrasy that may or may not be related to more problematic crafting bugs (I'm looking into) introduced with 0.8, etc....

    Sometimes it will take chunks several ticks to enter a Silo, being reset back to the Conveyor block they came off repeatedly. I've no idea what the pattern is to when this will occur. Other than the Pacemaker seems to need setting to "Turbo". It looks somewhat like frequency interference beats, like when 2 refresh rates are close and sometimes overlap and clash. Shrug.

    I've attached the save file used for the demonstration, above. Just in case the large number of crafting techs in the background have some causal effect.

    Can you give me an idea about what parts of crafting code have been worked on since 0.7.9.ish please devs...? (To check things more specifically.)

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  2. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    OK, in addition to the dither, resources will separately, sometimes fail to become non-collidable (with the body of the fixed-anchored tech they are on). Watch carefully the 4th time I replace the component on the conveyor, here - it fails to pass through the solid block and gets scraped off onto the ground.

    The second clip in the video is what I think may have caused my "GSV Bora Horza" to begin failing... I built it for the mysterious tech competition project in 0.7.9, when it seemed to work fine, and now looses many resources in the process of trying to craft.

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  3. kae


    Hey there Zero Gravitas,

    I can't repro this on a clean save. It looks like performance possibly could be a cause to the dither, we've done a bit of optimisation, so it might have been a knock on effect from those. I'll chuck a bug in but it's most likely going to be a difficult fix and something we'll have to look to fix for 1.0.

    In terms of whats changed with crafting, nothing major has been changed, minor bug fixes have gone in here and there for internal bugs. We've got a lot on our plate right now, so all the big outstanding crafting issues, again, will probably have to be something we look for in 1.0.

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  4. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    :( I was hoping (in vain) that newly introduced bugs might be more quickly and easily remedied (leaving the long standing ones be for now). Save me adding more issues to the crafting guide...

    But if these are 'optimization' related that really is going to be a pain, producing more (apparently) non-deterministic behaviours (and consternation).:confused:
  5. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    Did you repro it on my 'busy' save, though?

    I've looked a little more at this and, to be sure, there's no Silo dither on a fresh, empty Creative world.

    It's triggered by GPU load.

    I loaded up my CPU and GPU to 100%, in turn, using the [email protected] app. CPU at 100% caused no problems. GPU at 100% consistently caused this bug. (I have a NVidia GTX 1060.)

    So it's interesting that the game is now apparently using the GPU for physics/logic processing. Is that part of the optimisations? And the reason why many people are reporting the game now generating more heat/fan noise in their PCs...? @higekun, @Django, etc.

    Does this mean those with weak/old graphics cards will see problems like this more easily/more often? (I imagine there will be others bugs related to this...)
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  6. kae


    Yup, it reproduced on the save you've provided, thanks for the extra info i'll add it on :)
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  7. Icarus_The_King_Of_Angels

    Icarus_The_King_Of_Angels S H I N Y Mad Scientist

    Oh, that could be a problem... I'd say that a little less fps is a reasonable sacrifice for consistency with regards to a core game mechanic...
  8. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    OK, @kae, so it looks like this might not be limited to resources entering Silos, or require Pacemaker on Turbo, or high GPU load, if what I saw in this SSundee video at 4m48s is the same thing: Olastic Bricks dithering upon entering GSO generators:

    I could not reproduce this when I just tried in creative (even with 100% GPU load).
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