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    As I was going through a regular playthrough of TerraTech, I had made myself a massive base, and I found myself having a resource problem (It's the opposite of what you thought before you read this next part), and I decided "Hey, I best make some bricks to store those resources," and I looked at a bit of a problem. Turns out, the 4 refineries I set up around my base, well, only one was working! I did everything I thought I could. The worst part about it, is that the one thing that works lags so much that it nearly crashes every time. And whenever there is not loose resources, I found that the resources would just go up and down the silo they were contained in, and the refineries would conflict with each other for the permissions, so I'd have to remove the refineries to even make something.
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    I say in my crafting guide that (due to bugs) you should only use 1 Refinery per conveyor line. And to overcome their jamming bug you can just place 1 extra piece of Conveyor to the side of them, like this:


    If this doesn't resolve you issues, for now, could you please post your save game file (or a snapshot of the base, at the least), so we can see what is going on.:)

    I've added "[0.8.1]" to the thread title.
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    Interesting workaround.... I just feed raw resources from the side and use a filter set to refined resources to bypass the other entrance. Nothing flows where it shouldn't :)

    As for the refineries, I would recommend having just one refinery that feeds into a bunch of fabricators to generate blocks. Then use scrappers to feed the blocks into the manufacturing process. This standalone refining process works well for me and generates no extra lag. Anything else is just headache fodder.

    I'm not a big fan of silos, so I recommend just having a bunch of resource receivers connected to your assembly line. Place them vertically so more will fit and you can transfer more resources faster.
  4. BoundCNapalm

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    I'll try that. The issue I was having with the refineries is that chunks would just ignore them when going through, and it kept happening. When I was dealing with the problem of resources, I had 4 refineries on the entire conveyor line (It's a massive line of conveyors that flip up and down, and it's worked perfectly so far), situated all around incase some raw resources got by. Instead of actually working, the resources ended up just going up and down the silos. I'm a scrapper, so I have to deal with the resource problem by turning them into bricks of resources for later use. I had to take off the 3 GSO refineries I set up in order for the silos to work properly. Maybe there's a priority issue there? Because at the same time, whenever I'm crafting something and I need some resources in, it ends up not moving whenever I'm crafting, but that's only an issue that happens sometimes. I'll post a picture soon.
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    Me i've make something like that :
    It's set on reapeat on every fabricator , and each of them are set to create a block of 120 ressources each.

    It save a lot of FPS and area.

    Edit : we can't see on the pciture but i've put silo and a refinery above , for auto refinne everything and store them temporary , and also a GC magnet and a SCU unit , for auto-store ressource block , i can make a clip if you need.

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    I find that this system is simple and foolproof. The North filter grabs only unrefined chunks, the East filter lets refined chunks pass unmolested into the waiting fabricators. If there are too many unrefined chunks for the refinery to handle it just cycles back the unrefined chunks to the start of the process. Nothing goes (or can go) where it's not meant to go.
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  7. ZeroGravitas

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    More is not better, currently. Stick to 1, as I show, to be sure to avoid the Refinery allocation alternation bug. I think it lets raw resources skip past if they arrive at an input in the tick that a different refinery gets momentarily allocated.

    That's probably going to be a bad setup if you actually have Silos supplying the Fabricator (and there's a mix of raw/refined chunks there).

    It will cause dispatch dither and extra chunks to be sent, because you have two alternate routes between the same source and Fabricator (via the Filters set raw/refined, respectively). Just stick to what I've showed above - 1 single extra piece of Conveyor will work for all Fabrication setups. Far easier to get right. (Note it doesn't work for passive refining, when pre-refining all collected resources into silos or selling. The bug behaviours are different there, awkwardly.)
  8. Mr-Vagabond

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  9. Khaine

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    I'm not a big silo fan, it's a silo-less design. Lots of resource receivers though. Although I may plonk a couple of them down if my mobile all in one actually goes nomad and needs extra storage space.

    Some of the refined chunks do bypass the fabricators on occasion, but the conveyor loops back to the beginning, so I have a buffer zone to work with. In rare instances the complex does grind to a halt because one fabricator is waiting on some fibron and the fibron bypassed the fabricator and is now sitting on the buffer area, stuck in transit. And the refinery refuses to refine more fibron because the system is saying there's already enough fibron on the assembly line to do the job.

    Sometimes an intelligent system is not your friend :)

    I have noticed the same problem even if the refinery isn't in play though. Too many refined chunks to offload into the industrial complex and the fabricators start skipping chunks now and again.

    This conversation did inspire me to make a more error proof design, as seen here. Barring a mass overflow of refined chunks that clogs up everything and/or alot of fabricator bypassing, it should be pretty foolproof.

  10. ZeroGravitas

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    You can't actually Fabricate anything more complicated than a Compressed Resource Block without using Silos. They're needed to automatically add resources to a Conveyor. You'd have to move chunks about manually, otherwise. Receivers auto-dump all their contents, so will jam a crafting line, in almost all circumstances - so not helpful advice to new players, in general.

    The problem I was pointing out is not that your design doesn't do what it's intended to do (although you say it actually doesn't work, always), it's that it will cause other bugs by being setup like that, if you generalise it's use beyond only making Compressed Resource Blocks. (Until I see a good screenshot, snapshot or save, I don't know for sure what OP's base is doing.)
  11. Khaine

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    Well BoundCNapalm's problem was specific to the refinery/chunk making process, so this is an equally specific solution for generating Compressed Resource Blocks. It's not intended for anything other than that.

    As for not working, it worked before barring very specific circumstances. Hasn't broken down since I made the changes though :D
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