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Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Zed, May 27, 2018.

  1. Zed

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    Fair warning,@kae this is *THE* output log

    huge log.JPG

    Available to all @ https://files.fm/u/majw8e6e#_ as a zipped archive of just under 30mb.

    How it happened:

    I had been sitting in build beam of a team multiplayer game as host and attempted to permit the round to restart automatically, at which point the game promptly crashed yet the second round seemed to be running with players leaving and the timer running. Settings were 1hr match, large map, teams, everything else default.

    What Happened:


    Dunno, I try not to open txt files this large. Suggest anyone who does attempt it to do so before lunch and check back upon their return.
  2. Zed

    Zed Well-Known Member

    In a similar circumstance to https://forum.terratechgame.com/index.php?threads/output_log-for-team-multiplayer.16291/ another instance of a massive output_log has been encountered.


    How it happened:

    Hosted a MP lobby @ 1hr large map deathmatch mode, Played the first three games, Let the fourth round continue until completion after playing the first few minutes. While running in the background I noticed that HDD usage exceeded 25Mb/s and a loss of frames was noticed.

    At the completion of the fourth round, i proceeded to exit the game, where it generated a bug report which apparently failed submission after 12+ hours and generated a crash folder included below. The Large output log depicted above is available in .zip archive @ https://files.fm/u/admghsxx

    The preponderance of the output_log files reads similarly to the other large output referenced above;

    "Line 51 - Found contact in list that was not valid! Skipping (but should be removed)"

    however, some null references were included at the bottom of the log which is also attached below:

    In summary; For the Application to generate such bloated output logs in a folder which is hidden by default typically on smaller boot drives seems unwise, perhaps placing the output logs / crashes in the my games / profile subfolders would make more sense for easy access to help encourage more whom encounter such errors to report them.

    Attached Files:

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  3. ZeroGravitas

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    Can I move this to the "Multiplayer" forum section? And add "[0.8.1]" to the title?
  4. kae


    Hey there Zed, thanks for the report!

    We've had a look into this and it seems that there was a line being printed in the output on each frame for each recycled or removed item. We'll be removing this next build we release so your output log won't be as bloated anymore.

    The crash at the bottom regarding host migration should also be fixed :)
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  5. Zed

    Zed Well-Known Member

    Excellent news, I am looking forward to being able to let my PC run multiplayer matches as an essentially-headless mp lobby for others to enjoy.

    Feel free to move this combine this with the https://forum.terratechgame.com/ind...utput-logs-caused-by-automatic-rematch.16302/ thread as it deals with the same topic.
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