0.8.1 MP Bugs and Issues


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Nov 2, 2016
1) Team/Friendly Fire/Damage -- Players will sometimes be able to auto-target (and lock-on to) team members. Ruins the balance and gameplay due to trolls and bad players killing for no reason but to or to steal parts. Also a pita when fighting enemies as you will target teammates more often than not.

2) Overlapping Spawns -- Tired of seeing multiple people spawn in the exact same spot when the map is set to largest area. There is sooo much space and it only spawns us in certain spots only? Seen up to 4 in one spawn point so far.

3) Trolly Spawns -- Can't count how many times I'll be driving along chasing someone or running away and suddenly a spawn bubble drops right in front of me. PLEASE make the spawns drop AWAY from players, at the very least enemy players if in TDM.

4) Player Icons Not Working Right -- Some times I get black or grey dots for player icons in both DM/TDM. Really sucks when in TDM as you dont know if its a teammate or enemy. Pics below

5) Some Players Are Invulnerable -- Sometimes some players are able to somehow retain the bubble effect and are untargetable/damageable. I.E. God Mode Activated

6a) Crates and Blocks #1 -- Why did you remove crate options? Also some blocks will not be able to be picked up both from crates and battles. Have all missiles been removed (host had a pair of Ven 6 shots and claimed they got from a crate....along with enough parts for a plane in a couple crates after start)?

6b) Blocks #2-- Some non pick-upable blocks will carry over between matches and littler the map.

7) Random Exploding Tech -- Several times my tech would just blow up like someone deleted the cab. Was fully encased in GEO blocks for one of them and layered in HE for another. Not under attack or no damage indicators (red glowing blocks) prior. Very Annoying and rage inducing.

Issue #2 and tie-in to 3 (Why is this even a valid spawn point? The one on the right of the pillar is falling down from up top)


Issue #4

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