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  1. Dynamix

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    I have this large platform on top of a monument,but after saving it then loading it again,it completely vanished from existence.The autosave is also like this.

    Worst part is,the game doesn't know what it is anymore.It just shows the "Your tech was destroyed" menu with the "last tech used" option blank.And since I didn't save the platform,I have to restart from scratch. :(

    Save attached below.
    Here is a pic of the menu I'm saying:

    Edit:On another note,it did just duplicate itself earlier before this happened,so maybe it's related to that?

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  2. ZeroGravitas

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    It sounds vaguely similar to what happened to this guy when removing a regular block caused his tech to show it was destroyed (but become a neutral tech instead).

    And ohh... Also similar to your previous report of trying to load a tech on a monument. Same monument? Same world?
  3. Dynamix

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    Same world,same spot,same monument.
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  4. kae


    Hi there, this blank/red image appears when the game saves/autosaves during the techs 'about to die' state, unfortunately recovering the snapshot taken during a 'dying' state is quite a difficult fix for us.

    Did anything happen that could have caused a large amount of damage to your tech happen prior to the game auto saving?
  5. Dynamix

    Dynamix Do you want to have a GOOD time?

    Nope,the tech (monument base in this case) is too high for weapons reach for any damage.It did not go underneath cause its too large.
    But,it did duplicate itself and I removed the spare one.

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