[0.8.1] Bug: Venture mission: The High Climb

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  1. This mission spawned in the desert from one of the common trading posts. my rig is a simple venture rig with 4 covered venture wheels "dune buggy wheels" i think. the middle is a battery and a venture repair and a gso shield.
    it has 2 venture 1-block boosters. one booster is on the back facing behind the car, to give speed boost. the other is on the nose facing the sky to create artificial downforce when used.

    I've landed on the platform over and over after using boosters to scale the wall. but i never get the win... I've flopped around up there like a fish and still don't get the win.
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    Hi there, welcome and thanks for posting @ThumpieBunnyEve:). Could you please attach your campaign save file for us to test and verify what's going wrong?

    I was going to merge your thread with this older one on the problems with doing the high climb mission, but has the mission ramp been changed since then @kae? Is it now this new one that I see in R&D?:


    Seems like it may have been lowered and platform widened to make it more attainable (although the previous problem was that the out of bounds height was too restrictive).

    If this is a new issue, then I'm wondering if it is down to the new problems with wheels locking up and so failing to register contact: when I just tested this all 4 of my wheels locked and clipped through the platform every time. Steering axis messed up like this, too:

    I've added "[0.8.1]" to the thread title.
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  3. ok well I've sent a bug report on the issue that points to this thread. does that mean my save is attached? or just a pointer email for them to look at? where are my saves retained?

    I've managed to drive well enough with the boost that i can land on the platform not often with wheels down, but once up there in the middle of the green circle nothing happens. and if i use the remaining time i have to float and land a few times still nothing happens. my save file is right there at the platform im using tiny globe trotter wheels now too and they didn't work either.

    do i need to have a particular designed rig to do this? I've landed up there with 3 different ones... oh I've an idea I'll put a gyro on my car that should land me up there perfectly level. maybe they want all wheels to land perfectly level. maybe ill make a bike first. to make sure i don't need 4 wheels specifically
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  4. upload_2018-6-12_15-36-37.png

    Well i tried right away with a gyro. before i even made a bike. and i landed up there quick and fine like usual. this time with the gyro on and sitting there waiting for the time limit to fully expire, it let me win. but i had been up there and landed a good 4 or 5 seconds before time expiration. the clock had to actually run out before detecting i was up there and stable.

    I've been stable up there before too. just not with a Gyro active on my vehicle.

    on a reload i wasn't able to use a 2 wheeled bike to get up the ramp with a gyro onboard, the gyro forces the back wheel contact to dislodge and squirrels the bike all around. granted it was just a gyro, cockpit, 2 gso tiny wheels 1 booster and 1 1-block air spoiler for downforce. but it went bonkers on the curved incline doing gyro correction to the light weight rig.
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    I don't know what it sends, exactly (a log file, certainly). Devs?

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