[] Techs frozen beyond 200m come alive when looking away

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    You can see the big tech here fires at the little one to the left only when I look away, then makes a like a statue when I turn the camera back around...

    I'm not sure how deliberate this behaviour is, hence making a thread. It almost seems the wrong way around... Unless the goal is to have enemies, that you thought were immobilised, sneak up behind you (and kill your allied techs, etc)...?

    Not the exact cat gif I was looking for, but this'll do.:)

    Save attached of this in play with different techs on the opposite side. mannequin challenge

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    Weeping Techs in TerraTech?
    No thanks.
  3. Zorgomol

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    Same thing happens when you use camera zoom, which isn't really zoom but just moves the camera closer to your tech.

    So it's not about distance to player tech, it is distance from camera.
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  4. ZeroGravitas

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    o_O [Mind is blown.] :eek: No way! I'm gonna check, but you're right, aren't you... That's so messed up.:confused: Trying to processes the implications...

    [Edit: yes, confirmed. So if you're trying to escape a dangerous enemy hitting you from long range, it's best to look straight at him and zoom out, to freeze him significantly sooner.]

    It's the same with the render distance - that could really do with being keyed to the tech's location, rather than having distant scenery popping in and out of view as you pan and move the camera POV closer/further. Well, at least view positioning no longer lets you spawn free blocks...
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