[] Snapshots remain loadable after deletion (until game restart)

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  1. ZeroGravitas

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    It used to be that deleting the (master) snapshot ".png" from the game's "Snapshots" folder would cause it to immediately be hidden from the loading lists. But it doesn't update now until fully quitting and restarting the game. (In Creative, at least.) A nuisance for those of us managing a lot of snapshots.

    Is this part of a deliberate optimisation, or a partial oversight? I'm kinda guessing there will have to be a "Delete Snapshot" feature in-game before 1.0, especially for consoles, so I'm guessing this will go away...

    ... Oh, that's bizarre: even deleting all the temp snapshot files in the "Cache" folder doesn't shed the removed snapshots! :confused: So they are cached in RAM now, as long as the game is running... (I suppose that's faster on machines with slow drive access and sufficient memory.)

    Thankfully new ones do show up immediately.
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  2. Lost Ninja

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    Snapshots are stored in a Cache folder at game launch, that cache is only updated at that point. You can ofc manually delete them from both places. But I agree it would be handy if the cache would re-check more often.
  3. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    Yeah, I did that, too. The snapshots remained loadable in game!:confused:
    I think it used to check every time you opened the load tech menus. (At least, deleting them used to work.) I think this is a new optimisation.

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