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  1. Galrex

    Galrex Well-Known Member

    The ramp is a bit more higher and harder to reach. I'm not sure if this is a bug but it's kinda weird. Is this intentional?

    venture ramp.jpg
    venture ramp2.jpg

    Btw I used some build beam skills to get to the ramp and finally completed this challenge.
  2. Galrex

    Galrex Well-Known Member

    How come it's floating in the air? it's not even a flying mission and yet I used a little flier to complete it.
  3. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    The Venture mission ramps have been a nightmare to place reliably on the randomly generated terrain. There are a lot pf bug reports on problematic placements, more so with the longer tubes and loop, etc, though. Hopefully the devs are still intending to refine this a bit more, in time.
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