[] Storage capacity of "Scotty" collector changes in relation to it's mounted height.

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    If height is the correct term. Or you could say it's distance from the ground. I noticed this the other day when i decided to slightly alter a tech that that I use to transport resources to my selling bases. The tech has a deck of 6 Scotty's across the top of it's back end. They are not stacked, just two by two next to each other end to end forming one big one, and all facing up as normal. When I decided to move them 1 block higher the size of stacks they were carrying when full, dropped dramatically. Another block higher reduced their capacity even more and resulted in the two bottom rows of chunks were now stuck there and my base' collector deck could no longer retrieve them.
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  2. ZeroGravitas

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    That's pretty weird and interesting... (wonder if related to the Silo dropping bug at all).

    Could you give us a snapshot or two of your techs that displayed this? Or better still, a save ready to display this and/or a video?

    I've moved this thread from Unstable to Bugs, because is a stable patch (even if you're accessing it by selecting the unstable branch in Steam's "Betas" tab).:) I tweaked the format of the patch code in the title too, cos I'm fussy like that.;)
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    Not quite sure about this... but it also seems like its capacity to take ressources in is also based on mounting height. On high geocorp designs, it stops working properly and no ressource chunks can be taken in anymore even if there is technically sufficient space. This is very notable with the GEOCORP Tech in Creative Mode.

    One of the reasons why I suggested a vacuum cleaner ressource collector. Suck in at the bottom but store at the top of the tech.
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    Hello Gents, sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. This has turned out to be one those days where people that I haven't heard from in months are suddenly started coming out of the wood work wanting me to do things for them. Well, that and to be honest my experience with other forums up to this point has varied between disappointing and utterly pointless. I didn't expect to get a response that quick. You guys here from what I've seen so far seem to actually be pretty passionate about this game and motivated to knock these things out and keep moving forward. I wish I had 10 of you guys where I work. OK back to topic. Yeah I was surprised nobody else noticed it yet. To me it seemed a significant issue in that a change in capacity there disrupts the entire process chain.For me anyways. I will give you everything you asked for just as soon as I figure accomplish them. Oh, and thank you ZG for making those corrections for me. Anything that you do to keep me from doing something stupid is always welcome, though i'm not sure you understand the sheer volume of work involved in doing so. :)
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    There's already a lot of crafting bugs and the latest patches brought even more, some of which are pretty weird and inconsistent. I've mostly just been waiting for reports, not playing all that much.

    Should I edit paragraph breaks into your text too? :p;) (Sorry, but you seem to take things in good humour.)

    Don't worry. We have plenty of time to figure out any non-critical bugs, at the moment; it's mostly just players knocking about here, while the devs are extra-super busy with console development and critical fixes for 1.0.
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    Yea sorry about my typing I'm actually trying to recover from a couple of strokes I had this year. The second one took a lot of motor skills with it. Luckily i got my speech back after a couple of weeks, but I still can't write legibly (can't even sign my name) My typing is slowly getting better. The most frustrating thing double clicking. Just cannot get the timing right sometimes.
  7. Khaine

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    In only vaguely related news... Consider applying the scottys to the front of the tech, making the resource pilars look like the frontlights of a car (or, optionally, to the back of the tech). It eliminates a great many issues with magnets, weapon LOS and things generally getting caught up on the resource pillars.
  8. -=ROOSTER=-

    -=ROOSTER=- New Member

    Thanks for the input Khaine, and you're right I may end up having to do just that. In my case though it would likely mean a big base redesign to go along with it also (my base is fed by really wide low profile gatherer tank-sort of things so i'm to get the bug squashed. If not, at least i have a backup plan now.
  9. Zorgomol

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    Another thing to note is that the collection radius the game shows is a big fat lie. The collection radius is spherical, so that the higher away from the ground a collector is the smaller its effective radius gets. Also, the fuller a Collector gets the weaker the physics force of the picker beam is, meaning once it has stuff on it then it probably doesn't have the strength to lift things off the ground unless it is very close already.

    Personally I think the Scotty is, sadly, close to useless due to these flaws.
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  10. -=ROOSTER=-

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    [​IMG] Here is a pic (if I did it correctly) of what I was talking about. Both at max capacity.
  11. ZeroGravitas

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    Yup, seems like, pretty much. (Certainly not the implied cylindrical area from teh ground projection.)

    Hmm, I don't think that's the best description...

    The main issue (in this report) is that the little resource tractor beams start at the 3D position of the Collector's storage array, into which it is trying to store a new chunk. And there's a limit to the length of these beams, which if exceeded drops the chunk being grabbed. (Also when e.g. speed or a player's mouse is pulling them loose.)

    You can see this in action with this demo - right way up the stacks get taller than the length of the tractor beams by the time it comes to filling the final positions. But upside down, even higher up on the tech, those last locations are closer to the location of the loose chunks on the ground.

    Save file attached.

    The collection sphere is fixed to the Collector block itself, though. Hence the scintillating beams when chunks are flagged as grab-able, but the tractor beams immediately drop them, being over-extended.

    OK, so how where chunks collected to the first storage locations (of the upside down collector) when they were as high as the last locations in the right way around collector?

    Good question! So maybe there is a diminishing tractor strength factor too... Or, there's a vertical off-set factor, in that the pick-up beams don't originate exactly in the location they are pulling towards.

    When embedding an externally hosted image, you need to be sure to include the file extension in the url (e.g. ".jpg").

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  12. Khaine

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    Minor suggestion: in that layout I would suggest having the collector trays sticking out of the vehicle a little (like half over the tires) and having the center lane of the vehicle trayless. It makes it easier for resource receivers to snatch up the goods, especially if the vehicle has some size to it. Less of a problem to the tech on the left, more of a problem to the tech on the right.
  13. ZeroGravitas

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    Lathrix demonstrates this issue with the smaller GeoCorp collectors at 9:50 in the latest video:

    Wait, what? Can you see that image?
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  14. Khaine

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    Khaine got brain muscles! *Flexes, pops blood vessel* :D
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  15. -=ROOSTER=-

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    Another thing I have observed is that when a chunk gets caught usually under the tech, it will not pick up anything else. You can't just run up on a pile of chunks, You have to stop and ease up slowly making sure they get pulled in gradually from the side in order to get a full collector. A bout the height thing, in that pic I posted the tech on the left has 4 scotty's. The one on the right has 9 of them, but have basically thee same total capacity. Huge compensation to deal with in respect to height gain. That little space under them was used to change the top speed of that tech from 23 mph to just under 90 mph though, so i still think it was an acceptable compromise.
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    When embedding an externally hosted image, you need to be sure to include the file extension in the url (e.g. ".jpg").[/QUOTE]
    Pardon my nooblyness, and overall lack of knowledge of web code, but wouldn't adding something to the URL change the URL causing a not found error. The URL was from within steams screenshot manager so maybe only works from within there. Do I need to use an external hosting site to do it correctly?
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    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1442265439 this (pasted into my browser anyways) should get you to the page containing the pic, rather than directly to the pic. Hopefully that will work. Going back to the one I posted earlier, i couldn't find any mention of what format pic was in to be able to add the extension. Not even in the console.
  18. the.nihilist

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    From what i see the image itself is hotlinked on the page from another Service. The URL again contains no file extension. But the Link for the File seems to work with the embedding here even without the file extension (On the page you linked click on the link to open the full image and use it's URL):

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    Thank you sir, you've been a big help. Strange about the lack of file extension though. That's steam for you, gotta complicate things somehow.
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    You're welcome, glad to be of help. :)

    Yes, they prefer to keep you in their environment. I expected at first that their storage solution would block hotlinking the image in general on other sites, so i tried (my own steam experience is close to 0), but no problem there :D

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