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    YAKFLY Well-Known Member

    Hello all

    I think it's the first time Im playing since last update.
    I have repetitive crash as soon as 3D load up the graphic card (main menu with Ai Tech fighting in background.)
    Sometimes I can play a while, but as soon as there is more activity (combat) then I got a white screen or a black screen on both monitors.
    Most of the time I can ear the game is still runing on background.
    Usualy I can't come back to Windows -controls are stuck- and I have th restart the PC.
    This last time I was just kicked out but no TT crash window, attached crash report.

    No config change, used to work fine even with 100% load on graphic card.
    I did a graphic driver update just in case.
    I also performed a game data integrity check and a complete reinstall of the game, - no change-

    I also tried other games, although with lesser load on CG, no crash, Terratech seems to be the only cause.
    I'm not able to play Terratech anymore.

    Am I alone in this case ?

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  2. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    Glad you've already run through the most obvious suggestions for these problems.:)

    Did this start immediately after updating to Is 0.8.1 OK if you go back to the stable branch?

    0.7.9 isn't in the Steam properties -> Beta's tab, yet (@saiwun, please add ;)), but you could try rolling back to 0.7.8, purely to test that this crashing issue definitely isn't just Windows update or graphics driver related.

    My suspicious is that the game optimisations, in utilising more GPU features (I think), have caused new crashes (and other glitches).

    Another report of crashing on load here on the forum, and a thread on Steam where 3 people are complaining of similar.
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    YAKFLY Well-Known Member

    Hi Zerogravitas thanks for quick reply.

    I'm not sure when was exactly the last time I played and if it was before or after rekease.

    In my mind it could be related to TT last version OR
    Whe had serious storms this week with shutdowns, I need to see if my power supply or CG are still OK.
    Because currently only TT game make it crash, I can't decide.

    I'm currently downloading a good graphic benchmark test and I will load it to see.
    Good idea to revert to previous branch I will do that afterward if benchmark shows no issue.

    YAKFLY Well-Known Member

    Hello again

    I just ran the benchmark, immediate crash. :mad:
    So it may not be related to TT finaly

    I will test the CG on another PC, CG is working fine when load is not 100%.
    It's more likely to be related to the power supply. after strikes.
    Seems not be able to give enought voltage/power anymore when the CG is fully loaded.
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  5. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    Thanks for the updates @YAKFLY. Could also be that recent Windows 10 updates have cause graphics instability. Certainly many other games were affected by that a few weeks ago (although gaphics driver updates and game update have resolved the instability I had with Overwatch, for example).

    Keep us posted.:)
  6. saiwun


    0.7.9 now added to the list of older builds available via Beta branch.
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    YAKFLY Well-Known Member

    Hello all

    I finaly found out the root cause : Dusty blower on both GC and PSU
    :oops: Sorry "ashamed"
    I just lost 10°C with a correct cleaning ^^

    I can confirm TT is a serious toaster software ...tonytony
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