[0.8.0] Game acts twice per key-press (sometimes)

Discussion in 'Bugs (Stable Only)' started by Kaonicping, May 22, 2018.

  1. Kaonicping

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    As stated in the title, under certain circumstances the game treats one key-press as two: pressing 'D' will cause the tech to make two small jerks to the right, opening the bug report or rename tech menus and pressing 'A' will print 'aa'. Interestingly, pressing 'Shift+A' prints 'aA'. Also, no matter how fast you press 'A', 'Shift', it will not affect the second letter, printing 'aa'. This also happens on unstable.

    Pressing 'B' while out and about will cause the build beam to appear as normal, but after a short interval (from about 0.2s to 10s, it appears to depend on lag somewhat) it will disappear again as if you pressed 'B' again. Likewise, pressing 'Esc' will open the menu and then close it after a bit.

    By 'certain circumstances' I mean pretty much all the time for me, but I will have certain periods where I can play for a long time without it happening, and then it's as if it toggles into the buggy state when I quit and re-log.

    When I first came back to the game after 0.8.0 (I last played shortly before 0.7.6 I think), I did not have this problem, but I think it first appeared when I re-logged after crashing from clicking on a Twitch stream link in-game, and it didn't go away after a bit of re-logging after that, until it eventually did and I was able to play for several hours without this bug. Then when I re-logged (I'm not 100% sure if I was able to re-log before the bug reappeared), it came back, and just now I reinstalled the game and even that did not get rid of it.

    I should finally point out that I'm not having this bug in Firefox as I write this nor in Reassembly so I'm pretty sure this is a TerraTech problem rather than a hardware one (which on the face of it it seems more like).

    Sorry for this rambling mess of a bug report but I haven't the faintest idea what's causing this (a variable thing that persists through reinstall seems pretty weird) so I just put down all the info I could possibly think of.

    I tried to look for a log file but there is no such file in my 'TerraTechLinux64_Data' folder.
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  2. grifferz

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    I am seeing doubled keypresses in every text entry box all the time since the upgrade to 0.8. So that includes the tech naming fields and the bug report dialog. If I copy text from elsewhere then I can paste it in (ctrl-v), but it pastes twice (i.e. pasting "Foo" results in "FooFoo") as if the ctrl-v had been hit twice.

    Also getting very occasional doubled keypress actions as reported above, but this is extremely rare for me. Fortunately.

    I already reported a bug by email and sent a log file.
  3. kae


    Hey guys, I'm guessing you're both running the game on Linux?

    I'll put this in our bug database for our coders to take a look at

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  4. Kaonicping

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    Yep I'm on Linux.
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  6. EkBalam

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    Am I the only one who's still getting this annoying bug? Did anybody find a way to fix it? I just can't play more than 5 mins. This is so sad.
    I'm on linux too.
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  7. Django


    Hi guys,
    This is a bug in the Unity engine on Linux only (see here). Unfortunately upgrading to a newer version of Unity often comes with its own new bugs, and really isn't possible close to release without affecting the overal stability and confidence of the build. Now that we're past the point of release, upgrading to a newer version is very high on the priority list, and in fact I have started the ball rolling on doing just that.

    Hopefully the next (un)stable build will include an updated version of Unity that no longer creates this bug on Linux.

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