[0.8.0] Furnace Generators run faster with Pacemaker, but less power


Breaker of Games
Jun 29, 2017
OK, a refinement of this report: it looks to me that if you feed a generator a single fuel chunk it burns it quicker or slower (depending on Pacemaker setting) and produces the correct amount of charge.

However, feeding it a consecutive string of resources causes a substantial loss of charge when the Pacemaker is on Turbo. This appears to be because the charge output rate of the generators remains fixed at the normal rate (tested with GSO Mobile version). This can be seen when setting to Slow, as all the charge comes in one immediate lump, but the generator continues to animate for much, much longer afterwards.

Test setup - charge buffered in left tech, then measured out into separate, new batteries.

I just noticed the original report on this issue here.