[0.7.X] Adjust Big-boy Wheel and Behemoth Wheel Recipe


Tinkerer of Titäns
Oct 8, 2016
Title says it all: I think the Big-boy wheel's previous, pre-TT_Unstable recipe is fine, and the Behemoth wheel needs to be more expensive. The reasoning is that both wheels are both at GeoCorp Grade 3 and have high weight capacity.

This is the current recipe for the Behemoth Wheel:
  • 2x Hardened Titanic
  • 2x Titanic Alloy
  • 1x Fuel Injector
  • 1x Cyclone Jet
I propose this new recipe:
  • 4x Titanic Alloy
  • 2x Fuel Injector
  • 2x Thermo Jet
Thanks! :)