[0.7.9] Spawn rate stays too low... (in niche circumstances)


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Jun 29, 2017
OK, so maybe a bit cheeky, to report this as a 'bug' - an oversight, perhaps...

I was doing a "Recalcitrant Play-through" test run - i.e. no missions at all - which appears viable, but the game seems to stay stuck on the lower spawn rate (half, or less?), or enemy cap, that Campaign has in the very first stages (before getting the 'Care Package'?). Making progress horrendously slow, with no enemies at all, most of the time.

I think that starting rate is too low, as it is, because I've previously had basically no spawns (maybe ~2 total) in that early part of the game, making the drive back to spawn point seem tediously featureless.

But entirely beside the rate, I think there should be alternative conditions for raising it back to normal. Either:
  • GSO level 2 (which took me a couple hours of very slow, tedious grind, on a salt flat).
  • 200XP (ish).
  • A certain player tech value.
  • Leaving the starting grasslands area (or 2.5km from origin...).
@Greg, @zanzistar, would you do this?:) It's definitely a niche feature, but it's very cool to be able to play games in different ways, and surely very little effort to implement this. (Randomly occurring enemy bases would be great too, but hey...)
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Oct 12, 2015
Much of the content and pacing at the beginning of the game serves to guide new players through the various game elements and mechanics, and some of the points mentioned above are deliberately designed to make the early game less punishing, e.g. disabling the day/night cycle during Grade 1.

That said, supporting alternate ways of playing the game is obviously beneficial for our veteran players and is a good candidate to investigate later in the year.