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  1. FireSamurai

    FireSamurai New Member

    So i can run other games like mc counter strike and etc with 30 - 60 fps and i have 16g
    so idk why terratech is lagging before on my laptop witch is rly bad there was NO LAG!
    but now on my computer it sucks pls respond to this i need help

    i attached a file of a picture of my pc specs
    ( windows 7 professional )

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  2. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    So, you are saying that your FPS has dropped recently, when it was previously good on the same machine? (I assume you have reasonable graphics hardware too?)

    Is this after a game update? (Are you now on 0.7.9 - the default, stable branch?) Or did it happen part way through a campaign?

    From my bug reporting 'read me' thread:
    Please check for either of those things. If this doesn't help, please upload your problematic save file and optionally a copy of a DxDiag.exe report file.
  3. FireSamurai

    FireSamurai New Member

    Well it wasnt on the same system it was on my laptop which is worse than my computer so i think it may be a update because the moment the game started ( the home screen ) it was lagging like 3 fps so um yeah.. im pretty sure it was the update thats lagging me

    PS: what is a Dxiag.exe Report file?
  4. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    To be clear, on which system are you experiencing the low FPS? Laptop, having been fine on more powerful PC previously? (Or other way around?)

    And are you on 0.7.9 for sure? (I'll add that to the thread title, for now.)

    Click the link from my quote and follow the instruction on that page. Upload the text file it produces. (If you want to.)
  5. Zorgomol

    Zorgomol Well-Known Member

    Well... if your computer is from 2011 and cannot even get steady 60fps from counter-strike then you cannot really expect to get any decent framerate out of anything recent that isn't a mobile port or such. Terratech is a rather complicated game and Unity is not really the most efficient engine. That said, try setting your graphics preset to 'fastest' and see if it helps.
  6. GamerParrish

    GamerParrish Well-Known Member

    Terratech doesn't run on gaming laptops well, its more RAM and CPU based and not GPU based. And sadly, Gaming Laptops normally do not have great CPUs and RAM.

    Can you give us some exact specs, or the laptops name?
  7. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    Did you see this in the top post?:


    Some additional info might be useful still.
  8. GamerParrish

    GamerParrish Well-Known Member

    I'm asking about GPU, and if that Core i5 is a dual, quad, or single core. Because a single 3.1 GHz wont cut it very well, especially with the AI.
  9. Zorgomol

    Zorgomol Well-Known Member

    i5-2400 is a quadcore desktop PC CPU from 2011. It should be able to run TT tolerably, at least in the early stages, at least if paired with a reasonably powerful GPU.

    So far we know nothing of the laptop but I imagine a lowpower CPU from the same era with 4 gigs of memory and integrated GPU (some Intel HD Graphics variant) .
  10. FireSamurai

    FireSamurai New Member

    Ok so um that wasnt my laptop thats my computer specs my laptop ran better and ever since i got my laptop my parents gave my laptop to my cousins and they live far away so cant get the specs for laptop
  11. FireSamurai

    FireSamurai New Member

    my laptop ran better than computer my computer runs better on everything and as i said my laptop was gaven to my cousin that lives far away
  12. FireSamurai

    FireSamurai New Member

    my laptop did better than my computer is the thing and my computer runs better then my laptop on EVERY single other game then terratech
    so my laptop had something my computer didnt

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