[]Anchored Tech teleports upon save load

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    As title.

    When the save below is first loaded, the controlled tech will "teleport" forward into the desert dunes. However, it seems that only the physical part of the tech is teleported, the visual part of the tech remains untouched. You can pull off blocks from the physical part of the tech, shown below:
    The damage is shown in the visual part of the tech, and any disconnected blocks not held by the mouse will pop up there as well:
    I can't really say how strange this is in words, so below is a video.

    Save and output log below.

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  2. QuackDuck

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    Creative save.

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  3. Sammi


    Weird find! Thanks for reporting @QuackDuck , I got this logged for you!
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    I got a similar bug yesterday... I had a rotating anchor that was pushing against the terrain and when I placed a block on the end of the horisontal pole I made it moved the visual blocks, but the actual collision was still in the same spot.
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