[] Fans & propellers run silent on anchored techs

Discussion in 'TT Unstable (Bugs & Feedback)' started by ZeroGravitas, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    I gather there's been changes to sound FX, maybe optimisations, even.

    All fans and propellers currently make no sound while running, when their tech is anchored. Even if they are helping turn a rotating anchor, etc.

    Rocket boosters seem unaffected, by comparison.
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  2. Boomik

    Boomik ...

    Yeah, I've been having this issue too. It's really annoying.
  3. Sdarks


    This should now be fixed in the latest unstable version, let me know if there's still any issues
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  4. Sdarks


    Apologies this should be fixed in the next build not
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  5. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    Just curious (not to point fingers) but were all the bug fixes that should have made .2 but didn't made by the same coder? (Using the wrong setting or something?)
  6. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    And yes @Sdarks, it's fixed now. :)

    Although, fan sounds in particular are very prone to cut out, noticeably. There appears to be a very low cap on the total number of SFX that can play at once; 3 techs in the background with their corp specific engine noises running inaudibly will take priority over fans in the foreground, etc. Is there a report on this already? (Same anchored unanchored, at least.)

  7. Sdarks


    Yep, that was my bad, being new I didn't put things in the right place so they didn't make it into the build. I know for next time now :)
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