- Multitech AI extreme dumbness


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Apr 22, 2017
Hi guys, so i've constructed a multi-tech that would have a main turrret and assigned a supposed "turret" AI to control the turret. (the turret is using the hover-bug and fan rotors for movement)

Several things are going extremely wrong with the AI:

1) It is not trying to track or face the enemy at all! In fact it is flaunting around aimlessly wasting shots and is only reacting to the enemy at a relatively close range. Most of the time it would face the enemy sideways and would shoot anything but the enemy.

2) It would try to jerk the entire tech sometimes when making a shot, as if trying to escape its multitech mount. never happens if I man the turret myself.

3) If tilted too much it would occasionally try to use the build beam and would break the entire multitech construction and would slip out of its mounting.

I know it was not purpose-designed for multitech use, but the results are quite appalling. Can we please have a proper AI for multitech, perhaps as separate blocks, or some modifications to the existing "turret" AI. By the way - tried standard AI modules - the results are exactly the same.

I would have no trouble at all with this multitech module when it is not AI-powered. An all sorts of crap when it is. Savegame attached to prove point.