[] Main Application Ignores Configuration Window's specified resolution.


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Dec 23, 2016
Early Access Release Notes - Version - UNSTABLE BRANCH
Find out how to switch from the TerraTech main branch to the TT_Unstable Beta branch here.

Bug Fixes:
  • Stopped invaders from spawning in Grasslands.
  • Fixed bug where explosions causing enemy Tech splitting can force blocks out of alignment.
  • Fix for screen size being reset to native resolution when Alt-Tabbing out of the game.
  • R&D Test Chamber EXP wheels can now drive on blocks.
Can Confirm that the screensize remains at the *in-game* specified resolution when returning from alt-tabbing out; however The Maingame partially ignores the configuration window's resolution settings. Specifically:

  • I updated to
  • Launched Terratech, presented with configuration window.
  • Specified 1280x720 on simplest
  • Launched Maingame
  • Main Menu Demo is at 1280x720
  • Created new profile (768)
  • launched new Campaign, no twitter could not skip tutorial (new profile)
  • Game loaded @ 1920x1080@Simplest
  • Switched back resolution ingame to 1280x720@Simplest
  • Reduced Draw Distance 20%
  • Alt Tabbed
  • Returned to find the game Still @1280x720
  • bugbothappy
  • Killed Tony
  • Closed all right-side mission popups and waited for all bottom-screen dialogs to clear
  • Saved and Quit
  • Relaunched TerraTech
  • Configuration Window Retained presets of 1280x720@Simplest
  • Launched, Ingame Main Menu Demo combat played @1280x720
  • Continued Campaign
  • Campaign Loaded @ 1920x1080@Simplest
  • bugbotsad
  • Reopened Options; 1920x1080 confirmed, but 80% draw Distance retained.
  • bugbotconfused
  • Specified 1280x720
  • Alt-Tabbed out
  • Paused Typing this list to click back in to TerraTech
  • TerraTech Retained 1280x720

Thank you for fixing the Alt-Tab resolution issue which has existed since in; please continue work on the resolution mismatch between the Configuation window and loading a save file within a player profile. Hopefully this Thread will be of benefit in slaying this partial bug prior to 0.7.7 stable release.
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