[] General hard crashes (with no dumps).


Breaker of Games
Jun 29, 2017
This unstable has seemed to be fairly unstable for me, at times. Crashing out without report screen or dumps while:
  • Tabbed out (sorry, did copy log file).
  • Exiting campaign to main menu (log attached here).
  • From Creative mode, while setting up a large test crafting base (for this thread on silos dropping resources - logs attached there):
In creative mode, I planted this bad boy (I borrowed from the laggy crafting bases thread) and planted it on {192, 192}, just to be a git.:eek::D It crashed the game almost immediately, after switching to mobile tech and starting to move (log attached, no dump made).
Crashing while tabbed out, just brought up this:

Crashing from campaign exit gave me the old blank sky Main Menu of death, like we were getting after the "Position blocked", spawns stopped, tech corruption glitch (supposed to be fixed now). I had, of course, sent some techs to inventory, there, but not noticed a cession of enemy spawns or anything other problems.

@Lurkingdaemon reported, here, some non-specific hard crashes back in (no idea if related). And people have had various other crashes in specific contexts over the last few unstables.