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  1. Sir Metaladon

    Sir Metaladon Well-Known Member

    As shown in this video, after coming back from exploring, one of my turrets had turned into 2 copies of itself.

    This has happened before in my world, I came back to find my crafting base replicated.

    It doesn't appear to happen all the time, so I only have rough guidelines for replication:

    1: Drive a long way away from your base.
    2: Drive back towards it.
    3: There's a chance one tech will be duplicated. If it wasn't anchored, the 2 will most likely be next to eachother.

    Video link:
  2. Sir Metaladon

    Sir Metaladon Well-Known Member


    This bug can be accomplished by Spacewarping
    This bug is reversed when the game is restarted.
    This bug can duplicate resources in Bases, and even if the base duplicate is gone (restart)
    The resources will be on the ground after the duplication.
    This bug is capable of affecting Crafty Mike (mine's broken because the little base in the wheel crafting mission got duped and the mission broke)
  3. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    Random question, did you move your Cab around before reaching the first Trading Station for the quest line?
  4. Sir Metaladon

    Sir Metaladon Well-Known Member

    Yes, I rebuilt my tech a couple times before the Trading Station
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  5. Sir Metaladon

    Sir Metaladon Well-Known Member

    Another note:

    Duplicated resources seem confused, and sometimes can't be picked up by tractor pads, and will often repeatedly trade places with the same item in silos.

    Edit: It appears even blocks on the ground can be duplicated, and they seem to also inherit the odd item properties of the Resources. For instance, 3 sets of tech rubble are on top of each other, but only 1 full set can be picked up by a scrap magnet. Once that set is fully picked up, even though the other 2 are fully in reach, only 1 and exactly 1 of those 2 sets will be picked up.
  6. Adriano


    Define space warping please ;) And are you saying the duplicates disappear after a reload?
  7. Sir Metaladon

    Sir Metaladon Well-Known Member

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  8. Flying-Linguini

    Flying-Linguini New Member

    The exact same thing happened to me, and has been happening to me for a while now.

    I have an output log of my most recent test of this bug.

    I also recorded the event, but the video is too large to be posted here.

    Attached Files:

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  9. Ranos

    Ranos New Member

    The game will crash if you un-anchor an anchored tech if it has been duplicated. I would recomend you send one of the copys back to inventory and then save the effected tech. It may disapear when you next load in. Altho that has only happened to AI only techs for me (deffence turrets). This duplication bug has heppened a few times in my videos.
  10. Skycrasher

    Skycrasher New Member

    Hello, so i made an wonky AI staircase style turret on a rotating anchor, i also added a cab, went and did a few missions, gathered and sold some resources and i came back after doing a mission and the tech had duplicated itself, some guns are even inside each other


    If there is a way to upload the world as well im happy to do it if someone can link me a tutorial
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  11. Skycrasher

    Skycrasher New Member

  12. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    Hey @Skycrasher. I've merged your new thread (titled "AI Tech glitching and duplicating itself") with this existing report.

    This tech duplication glitch is well known but has proved impossible to pin down, as far as I know. Unfortunately this glitch tends to keep happen in a save, once it has occurred, and may well lead to the save being unloadable without crashing immediately (due to tech intersection, particularly on rotating anchors).

    You can attach save files to posts by simply dragging and dropping them. See my bug reporting guide for the directories and other info about reporting.

    Image embeds must use the file's full URL, often including the image file extension (e.g ".jpg"). The forum's embedding is not very smart. I've embedded your linked Steam image here:


    You can also drag drop your image into a forum post, provided it's under 1MB in size (error otherwise).
  13. john10112

    john10112 Member

    So i went out today, racing around the salt flats at 116 mph. Then i randomly teleport around 100 meters away, and when i go back i find a perfect copy of my tech just sitting there (in which i scrapped).


    A couple hours (break from the game) i go into R&D test world and try to spawn a tech. It would've spawned inside of another, so i was flung across the world at infinite speed and height.

    The same glitch happened again on my campaign world when i was just off loading ores. I saved the game before it happened luckly:


    After i loaded up the save, before i was even off loading ores and just driving it happened again. The game crashed, and i loaded it back up.

    When i reached my base, i off loaded my ores just fine until i noticed my turret Joe was just missing. No parts lay around like it had been killed. It couldn't have been killed since any AI would immediately target my main base:


    That had a cab attached.
  14. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    I've merged @john10112's new thread titled "Deleting techs, flying and duplication gliitch" with this one on tech duplication - the main bug being reported (time/space warping is part of it too). Thanks for the report :), it's an ongoing issue.:(

    To embed externally hosted images you need to use their full URL including the file extension (e.g. ".jpg"). To upload an image to these forums, by drag dropping, it must be below 1MB in size, as with all attachments.
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  15. Khaine

    Khaine Well-Known Member

    Useful factoid, didn't know about the 1MB limit.
  16. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    My bug reporting guide is also your friend (and also very big). But yeah, it would be handy if the forum made it more obvious (or didn't have it).
  17. john10112

    john10112 Member

  18. john10112

    john10112 Member

    So am i going to get my turret back or...?

    Still very annoyed that yeah this is in beta, but after how many years you still have issues like this? Now im starting not to trust in the whole 'constant bug fixes'
  19. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    Sorry dude.:( Unfortunately you've hit one of the worst problems with that game. A rare one that most of us long timers have never even seen ourselves.

    From past reports, the tech duplication bug effectively corrupts a save and eventually makes it unplayable because of intersecting techs causing a crash immediately upon loading. The only solution having been to load a previously backed up save file (manually copied out), or entirely re-starting campaign. At best you can make snapshots of all your techs so you can immediate load them back in, once you get the blocks in a new campaign. It can be fun starting over, there's some achievements you can aim for, and to do things faster and better, etc. Or just in Creative mode.

    With their push to implement multiplayer into the game (over the last year or two), it's introduced some new issues directly, and also made it hard for them to schedule the time to fully hunt down the smaller bugs and the harder to understand ones, like this. I honestly think that this is the most buggy you will see the game, by far, with the dev team now pushing for full release this year, they're definitely pursuing these difficult bugs. And their team size has grown substantially to help do this.

    I think it's worth having a little more patience or at least coming back to TerraTech later in the year, quite possibly after version 1.0 is out and looking far more polished all around.

    Incidentally, what are your PC specs? For if/when the devs look into this thread, in case there's a pattern here. Can you run DxDiag.exe, save and post the output file here for them? (Instructions.) Thanks.
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  20. john10112

    john10112 Member

    So how do i copy my save or something to prevent corruption?

    AMD FX(tm)-8310 Eight-core Processor 3.40 GHz

    8 GB RAM

    64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

    2 TB of memory

    Anything else?

    Also i'm not restarting my campaign because my save is corrupted. At that point ill just leave the game.

    People's saves being corrupted should be the top of their list.
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