[] Alternator & Filter conveyor indicator arrows render wrong in different orientations


Breaker of Games
Jun 29, 2017
The green/red/blue input and output arrows on Alternators and Conveyors are mis-oriented when these blocks are placed in a sideways or upside down orientation, on a tech.

Here, have 2 test-pattern techs displaying every possible orientation of both block types. Hopefully handy for quick re-testing after after a code fix.

"Alternator Test Cube"
Alternator Test Cube.png

"Filter Test Cube"
Filter Test Cube.png

Additional notes:

Alternator side output arrows were seen to re-orient during block placement (with block on side of tech).

Regular conveyors loaded from snapshots take on an arbitrary flow orientation, dependant upon what side they are on (when there are no contiguous pieces connected set meaningful animation). They should ideally show a dot, not chevrons [Suggestion 1].

It took a relatively long time to construct these test techs, since the block orientation placement cycle order is virtually random. It would be a lovely quality of life addition to have smarter default orientations for conveyor related blocks [Suggestion 2]: snapping to the plane of the conveyor you are joining to for the first 4 orientations, if no conveyor then flat (face up) from the surface attached to. Also include component factories in this, as they are even more of a nightmare to place.

Filters/alternators don't show input arrows from connected filters/alternators. Ideally should have a third input colour when alternator is connected but output is not currently toggled to point at input [Suggestion 3]. (Or just should green always.)