[] Crash when removing refinery while linked factory is crafting


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Jun 29, 2017
[] I already sent this one in via the dialogue, using my email address. But here's a Gif too, seeing as I happened to be recording at the time: https://gfycat.com/BareWearyImperatorangel

I don't see a crash report log for this, is it a different type of crash or specific to the unstable builds?

Component factory had successfully pulled 2 of the 3 needed resources through the refinery. No more remained in the silo when i disconnected the mobile refinery. On re-trying it happened when removing it after crafter started, but before any resources reach there.

Also repeated crash using the regular (GSO) refinery.

Attached a save with this setup re-created.



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Nov 2, 2016
The ingame bug reporter and the crash report (new folders created in the main game folder) are separate things. Far as I can tell its not branch specific.

The ingame bug report one is sort of a soft/faux crash as you can keep playing but advised to restart to prevent any more issues arising. Haven't seen one of those lately (thankfully) as it normally makes me start a new game as that current game is broken in some aspect and prevents me from playing it anymore (especially if it's around my base).

The crash report is normally created when the game hard crashes (locking/freezing up requiring you to force close or auto closing preventing further play till restart) and gives a windows dialogue prompt saying you should send the report to them. This doesn't always create a report though and not sure why as if it's something that auto closes and takes you back to desktop I would think is a hard crash of the game.
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