[0.7.2] Blocks rotating with anchored AI when not attached

Discussion in 'Bugs (Stable Only)' started by Ravenmoon, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Ravenmoon

    Ravenmoon Active Member Beta Deluxe

    If you take any block, and hold it on an anchored AI module as if you're putting it on, but move it off the module while still holding, it will rotate.
    How to reproduce:
    1. Place a GSO Anchored AI Module on the ground (anchored)
    2. Pick up and hold any block (doesn't matter if it's anchorable or not)
    3. While holding the block, move it onto the AI Module, as if you were going to attach it
    4. Still holding the block, move it off the AI Module. It will rotate in sync with the AI Module, as if it was attached.
    Note: This will also work with other moving techs (ex. Anchored AI, working/guard AI, player controlled techs)
    This is just a minor bug, but it was worth reporting. It will stop rotating with the module if you let go of it, or move it onto/over a non-moving base/tech.
  2. WhitePaw2002

    WhitePaw2002 Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe Modder

    This is extremely common with even the tech that you are controlling, and pretty much everything else that exists (which is a building unit), regardless of condition. If anything, it's almost a feature in my point of view.
  3. Adriano

    Adriano PAYLOAD STUDIOS Developer QA Lead Canary King

    Hi @Ravenmoon , I tried this with a variety of blocks. When I attach the block then remove it, it retains it's attached rotation. When I don't attach but just hold it on an attachment point, when I pull it away it always returns to the rotation it had when I picked it up. Do you get this bug happening all the time?
  4. Ravenmoon

    Ravenmoon Active Member Beta Deluxe

    I only tried this with holding on then taking off a moving tech/AI, did not know it happened when removing and holding a block from a moving tech. I noticed this when working on an anchored sentry, but it does appear to be common if you pay attention while building.

    When you hold it on then move it off the AI/tech, what do you mean by it returning to its original rotation? For me, when held on then moved off, the block is in the rotation it was in when it was ready to attach, and is rotating in sync with that tech, as if it were attached.
  5. tomo_cjt

    tomo_cjt Well-Known Member

    That's because it is! :)

    It aligns itself with the tech you're trying to attach it to. It just so happens that the rotating anchors rotate.

    We're going to look at freezing AI when you're trying to attach a block to them at some point, so that should make it easier to attach too.
  6. WhitePaw2002

    WhitePaw2002 Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe Modder

    Doople yay!

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