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Aug 13, 2014
Hey all as were growing and extending I was thinking it would be nice to have a main list for all updates so please if you find a bug post it in here so the Dev's don't have to go all over the forum to get everything i will list all the bugs that wore found in this topic to so the Dev's have a easy and fast checkup to get everything fixed even faster thinks for your help and enjoy thanks for using this post I will get it fixed where this post will be cleaned out before the new update comes out so we have one main post for the new update bugs if you like this idea please let it know.


Bug Reporting:
Hey guys just some little tips with reporting your bug these tips will help the Dev's get to the problem even faster.
  1. If you find a bug try to replicate the bug a few times to be sure you know whats going on.
  2. Record or make screen shots of the bug and link them in your post.
  3. Explain a little what you think is happening.
  4. Check this list first so there's not 50 bug posts of the same thing. (hence the idea to make one main bug post)

Just doing this so Neo doesn't have to. :)

Anyways, my bug report.
- Unable to pick up GSO Rotating Base after fabricating it. Quiting to main menu and returning forces the fabricator to drop the block, making it so you can continue fabricating parts. Still unable to pick up part after it has been released.
- Upon reloading I find that Rocks have spawned where they weren't previously.
- Upon reloading, objects produce much more materials, probably something like amount they would give x no. of reloads. Upon further examination, it seems that the same object spawns in the exact same spot, providing the increased yields.
- On the Flat Out Challenge, going to far from where all the parts are breaks the dispensers, with all the parts just sat there and no more parts spawning. Unsure if other modes are affected.
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