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Oct 19, 2015
Hey newbies (or experienced)! Welcome to the guide in which we will present the GSO Trading station and GSO Payload Terminal.

Trading Station
When you begin the game, you fight, build a bigger tech, and complete the quests until you are free. When you master level 1 you are asked to find a trading station. You follow the yellow arrow on your radar and you will eventually get there. This is how the trading station works, the middle has a bigger deliver cannon than the other two buyable, which means you can sell any corporation's blocks/cabs. The first quest after finding a trading station is buying a GSO Small Tractor Pad.

To access the shop located on theTrading Station you must click on of the corners that looks like a computer. To some this may be the annoying part of the process, not knowing if it is in blocks or techs. Blocks is used for every item in the game, once unlocked. Techs is the cool part of the Trading Station and GSO Payload terminal. You can take a screenshot of any tech you own, or if you have the R&D test chamber you can load it from the community. This does come with a cost.

GSO Payload Terminal
Almost the exact replica of the Trading Station, but mobile, smaller, and it doesn't come with the delivery cannon. To access the Payload Terminal you must first unlock it. This block is a block that has to be anchored to activate, similar to the GSO Solar Generator. From there you click it and theBlocks and Techs screen will pop up. Then it's your choice from there.
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