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Oct 19, 2015
Since there aren't any threads that discuss this topic, I've decided to throw myself at it. Other threads discuss quests, gizmos and gadgets. This thread will discuss building a really nice defensive and offensive tech.

Tight Budgets
Most people have tight budgets to use, or no money at all. With no money, what's there to buy? This is the first tip, don't buy, but explore. Unlock new blocks and receive new blocks. Right as you start out, after the crash, you are commanded to attach the blocks falling from the sky to your tech. Once you are done building it and defeat Tony, explore the world for more blocks.

Once you have about 8-15 building blocks, build a bigger tech. The beginning is about survival. If your cab is blown up, you lose most things on it. My first tip is to cover up your cab with 9 blocks around it, or at least four. When you are done on the base begin working on your guns. Move sure you line then up where you want them to fire. My second tip is to make sure you have enough guns behind you. Most enemy techs are programmed to roll behind you and destroy. GSO AK-74's are a great gun to have aiming behind, with lasers in front.
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'Loose' Budget
Nice pun, ey? With a big budget, I'd recommend purchasing fast tires, stud and coil lasers, and tough blocks, perhaps GSO armor plates/plated blocks. Shields are one of the most important elements to a tough tech. With shields, you can deflect and repair your tech with the power of batteries. Refinery systems attached to delivery cannons provide a great source of money. The time I'd expect someone to have this is definitely after you've found the Trading Station.

If you guys like the thread and want me to post more, hit that like button and post a comment if you have suggestions. Anyways, thanks for reading and have a nice day :)
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