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Dec 4, 2019
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Thread for posting my best modded snapshots for everyone to enjoy and experiment with, Im open to suggestions and the page is prone to editing and updating.

Some lore: ГГ Corps (rr) is an industrial tech manufacturing company that sells their product to the wealthiest fleets and militaries alike. After breaking partnership with the Hand of God religious corporation they've decided to invest funding into combat-oriented techs instead of peaceful starships. Utilizing bleeding-edge technology and highest tier engineering they achive never seen before results in planet side and outer world encounters. Might actually expand upon this in the future.

One day I might turn this into a kingdom, and hopefully I can get a modder to make some blocks for me. Skinpack included.
Download pretty much every block in the unofficial modders board for my techs to work.

Amount of released techs
Total: 28

Air techs: 6
Ground techs: 18
Structures: 2
Titans: 2
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Note: when coming up with rr i completely forgot about Reticule Research's existance, all similarities are unintentional and im not planning to change any design choises
hi retrogue are you doing custom things?


perhaps, remaking dl models
Oct 14, 2017
I dunno
how come you guys you working you guys kind busy you doing custom blocks; and you really didnt tell me how far sunday 14 calendar. and you guys working on it ?
Mm, idk if others do deadlines for their blocks but i personally don't since i'm inconsistent with doing modding, it's probably best to move this conversation off of this thread
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