1. HayderHurder

    Hawkeye Low Atmospheric Airfleet

    A few ideas I have for what it would look like if hawkeye launched a naval campaign...with no water. These were all built on XBOX one, and only one has any blocks that aren't Hawkeye.
  2. W

    ETA on RR for console?

    The dev's mentioned that the R&D labs would be coming to console "soon" back in their February roadmap update post. It is now almost July and there is still no news on when we will be getting this update or even any patches.
  3. S

    Xbox One: Spider King Mission has vanished and won't reappear in Trading Stations.

    Hello, So far, my experience with this game has been fantastic. Very few bugs, awesome features and visuals, constant updates, tight-knit community, However, today I found a bug that actually made me quite annoyed. My main goal of the playthrough was to take over the Spider King's Lair for...
  4. P

    Xbox One R and D

    Will the R and D DLC be added to xbox one anytime soon along with the experimental parts?
  5. O

    Xbox to PC

    I have TerraTech on my Xbox One but i have just got a PC and would prefer to play it on the PC. Is thier any way it could be transfered over? I've tried doing it over the Xbox app but only Steam has it not Microsoft Store so it doesn't work. Any help greatly apprieciated. Thank you.
  6. Heketea

    [1.0] XBOX - Screen Scale

    No function in place to adjust the UI to fit a TV, happens the same on different XBOX consoles and with different TV formats. Need function added to OPTIONS menu to adjust screen.